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Hello you!

I’m Lianne, the proud owner of Studio Lianne Koster. I’ve been creative from an early age: drawing class after school, love the handicraft class, making my own jewelry, painting class with my mother and in the weekend I was busy with creative projects.


A logical step after high school was Academy Artemis in Amsterdam. Bachelor Allround Styling: interior design, fashion, media and food styling & design. In the beginning my interest focused mainly on interior design. As the years progressed my interest shifted more and more to media & food. 

The first years after my graduation I spent a lot of time experimenting, creating and designing.
Creating and designing 3 cookbooks (Cookart, Het Pindakaasboek and Het Hagelslagboek), writing blogs, inventing and launching a pop-up brunch room, making and selling prints, designing corporate identities and websites. I also became interested in the technical aspect of web design. I’ve explored various trainings and courses, such as web design, SEO and Procreate.


Previously I used to go on and on with work and projects all the time because it’s my passion. Lately I am more and more aware of how important it is to stand still every now and then (believe me, still struggling with that;)). I have also read and listened a lot about minimalism, sports & health, healthy lifestyle and sustainability. These are very important topics for me and will be visible in my designs and projects. 

What can you expect from me here? I’m going to inspire and inform you. I’m going to use my creativity to create awareness. Create inspiring content and share a message. 

All the projects I choose to do make me feel good and give me energy. Most important to me:

Do something you like!

Some fun facts about me:
– I live on a houseboat in Amsterdam 
– I love going to the gym every morning 
– My second name is Happy Egg (Don’t you believe me? Ask my mom, it’s true!:))
– I like to eat frozen banana with peanut butter
– I love walking in the early morning. Along the water, when the sun rises, when everyone is still sleeping.

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