Rise No. 3 Discover

Popping some vibrant purple tones in your interior! No. 3 Discover of the Rise series is a minimal and graphic art print. Combine this art print with another print from the Rise series for a matchy and playful look.

Designer: Studio Lianne Koster
Material: printed on Hahnemühle White Velvet
Dimensions: 30×40 cm
Excl. frame

Upgrade your art print with a beautiful solid natural oak frame.


Product Details

What is this print telling you? Go out, discover and explore. Trust the process. What is the thing that really makes you happy and excited? The future is yours!

Rise collection: A graphic and abstract series of my journey along the water by sunrise. Since living on a boat in IJburg Amsterdam, I have noticed becoming calm when surrounded by water. Such a beautiful view every morning with pastel-colored skies brings me calmness, ideas, progress and reflection. This series is a visual representation of these thoughts and fantasies.

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30×40 cm


Hahnemühle White Velvet