Cold Therapy

      Cold Therapy
Illustration Swimming Cold Therapy

Cold Therapy. Some people think it’s crazy, others find it fascinating. But fair’s fair, it’s very good for your health! In our modern lifestyle, we have become used to comfort and warmth. As a result, the body and more specifically the immune system are lulled to sleep. And that while this defense mechanism is of great importance to our health, because it’s a fighter of pathogens in the body.

When you go into the ice-cold water, the body has to deal with extreme stress. In addition to strengthening your immune system, it makes your body stronger and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Plenty of benefits if you ask me!


Some tips:
– Make sure you warm up your muscles beforehand
– Do not jump into the water at once, but let your body get used to it. Especially your ankles, wrists and face are very cold in the beginning and can hurt. The more often you give your body that cold water stimulus, the more it will get used to it.
– Don’t have open water near your home? Start your morning with a cold shower.