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Oceans have a significant slowing effect on global warming, due to the enormous amounts of heat and carbon that can be stored in the oceans. I was shocked to hear that the ocean has absorbed 93% of the excess heat due to climate change. As long as the earth continues to warm, the ocean will continue to absorb CO2 and heat.

Climate change: sea levels are rising, ocean is warming up and heat waves in the sea are becoming more frequent. Furthermore, oceans become more acidic and loose oxygen. This has negative effects on ecosystems, especially where organisms make calcium skeletons (which dissolve in acid), such as corals.

Small steps you can take as an individual?
– Use energy wisely
– Eat for a climate-stable planet (eat less meat, waste less food and water)
– “Green” your transport; drive and fly less
– Consume & waste less

Don’t forget: small steps can make a big difference!