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Shoot No Food Waste
Shoot No Food Waste
Shoot No Food Waste
Shoot No Food Waste

No Food waste

The shoot No Food Waste inspires people and raises awareness about food waste at home. Unnecessarily throwing away food is bad for the environment and wallet. Waste of food happens at harvest, during storage and transport, in supermarkets and restaurants, but especially at the consumer’s home.
We investigated the food waste at the consumer’s home. The research showed which food often ends up in the garbage can at home and why.
A large majority of the respondents have already taken the first steps at home to waste less food. Conscious purchasing, freezing leftovers and conscious storage (such as freezing bread) are attempted. Despite these first steps, there is still a lot to be improved. Giving food away, eating together and pickling are methods that can be used even more to combat food waste.
Concept & Food: Studio Lianne Koster & Studio Jaaf
Styling: Kim de Groot
Photography: Anke Leunissen

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