New Year

      New Year
New Year Illustration

New Year’s resolutions. I think it’s great to make some changes to your way of life every now and then, but I don’t believe that radical changes on January 1 are the way to achieve permanent results. I do believe in starting small, taking small steps towards your ultimate goal. This plus a clear plan and a good dose of motivation.

These days between Christmas and New Year’s I take some time to reflect on the past year. Whether it’s between Christmas and New Year, or in another week of the year doesn’t matter. Reflecting makes you more conscious. It’s useful to reflect once a year on your own behavior, results and goals.
What were the biggest lessons and insights? But also: what am I looking forward to achieving next year?

My year was more about balance and becoming more conscious. How did I approach that?

1. The first hours of the day are essential to our well-being. How we spend these hours will influence the rest of our day. I set the alarm a few hours earlier to take time for myself. In these hours: 
– I find silence (Wim Hof Breathing technique)
– I take time for my own written affirmations.
– (I write or illustrate)
– I go outside to exercise
– I Finish with a swim in the cold water.

2. Writing. Besides using my agenda to remember and write down my to do’s and work related appointments, I also use my agenda as a journal. You can use your journal to write down ideas, dreams, but also to write down your gratitude. You’ll notice that by writing this down you start to focus more and more on positivity and what you really want. You’ll give your life more direction.

3. I’m certainly not there yet, but last year was also about listening better to my body. Keeping a better balance between activity and relaxation.
Because of my enthusiasm and energy level I sometimes find it difficult to slow down. This remains a learning process.

I wish you a beautiful end of the year. Do you need help in set your goals for 2022? You can find a lot of webinars at the end of the year you can join online. During these webinars you will learn how to make the most of your year in terms of nutrition, mindset, exercise and planning.