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Illustration wooden chalet Veluwe

Personal mission statement

A wooden chalet, located in the beautiful Veluwe. A few months ago, this was my accommodation for 5 days. My, myself and I. All the time I needed to rest, walk, read and think. It was already during the lockdown, so socialising in a restaurant or bar was not possible.
With the car fully loaded, I set off. I had packed a lot of books, my own sleeping gear, a big bag full of food and drinks and okay my laptop. For writing. This break was all about writing my personal mission statement – inspired by the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey.

A personal mission statement

A personal mission statement is your own constitution. It’s an expression of your highest values and ideas. It provides answers to who you want to be, what you want to achieve and defines what values are important to you
I can recommend this to everyone. Writing a personal mission statement will not happen in a day. It requires self-research and can only be finalised after many versions. Even once it is finished, you will want to review it often and make changes as life brings you new insights. 

How do you write a personal mission statement?

First of all, research your most important values. You can find many lists on the internet. Write down the 10 most important ones and number them from important to unimportant. Note that you have not done this in an hour. Take your time.

Determine your ideal self. Think about the person that you want to be, as a friend, a lover, an employee, a sister, a father/mother and any other roles you consider yourself to live in. Also think about how do you want to be remembered. 

Define your abilities. When we spend time doing things that we love and do well, we give our lives meaning and enthusiasm.

Write down your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual purposes.

Final tip. A good personal mission statement consists of 5 components:

/ It’s personal
/ It’s formulated positively
/ It’s written in the present tense
/ It’s visually
/ It’s written with feeling

Good luck!