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Group Animals Pro Create - Print Studio Lianne Koster

Group animals

As human beings, we consider autonomy and individualism to be very important. Yet we are and remain group animals. So where does this come from? Thousands of years ago, in prehistoric times, all humans were nomads. Being part of the group was essential for surviving.

Group Animals - Print Studio Lianne Koster

When I was walking along the water the other day, I saw a large group of coots swimming in formation. This reminded me of above. Even though we often think we can do everything on our own, we are group animals and we need each other. Especially in these hard times it is important to pay extra attention to your loved ones.
Do you also want to make more time for your loved ones? After reading the book ‘Nooit meer te druk’, ‘attention management’ became a more important aspect in my life. If you don’t pay attention, your week is full of appointments. 

Auhor Tony Crabbe inspired me to take a closer look at my friends and family. Less is more. Forget those 500 Facebook or Instagram friends, vague contacts you know and distant friends, but focus on the fifteen most important people in your life.
I don’t think you should attach a lot of value to the number 15, but creating a list helps you consciously think about the most important people in your life.