Cacti & succulents

When I was younger, I wasn’t a huge fan of plants. My mother wanted our garden full in bloom with flowers and plants while I liked it filled with concrete; free from leaves and easy to maintain.
But these feelings changed last years; I love my mother’s garden and I’m very happy to see all the fresh fruits and vegetables from her greenhouse. Since I live on my own I like to have some plants in my room. Unfortunately I don’t have an own garden or a lot of space to grow my own vegetables and fruits. But a few years ago I started very small buying a few cacti. Now it has already become a large collection!
Cacti and succulents are easy to maintain and look super cute in your interior. I love the fresh green colors contrasting with a white and clean interior. See and be inspired!
Tip; combine the plants with graphic pots and terrariums.

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