// Studio Lianne Koster

Graduating my bachelor Allround Styling at the Academy Artemis in 2014 with a project that was a combination of my passions: interior design, food theory, material study and trend forecasting.

Consequently my ambition moved towards the establishment of my own creative enterprise: Studio Lianne Koster. This studio is built around four core elements;

/ Branding
/ Graphic design
/ Web design
/ Concept development
/ Interior & Food

As a young and enthusiastic designer driven by a love for creating, discovering and acquiring new experiences I seek to develop my talent further.

Want to know more or interested in my services. Feel free to contact me.

// Studio Cookart

Co-Founder/Owner of Studio Cookart. As food inspirator Studio Cookart works with everything related to food. From the development and creation of a food experience, to establishing a brand identity.
They aim to inspire people to get more out of food and look at food from different perspectives. With a keen eye on styling and everything that’s beautiful, they provide insight into a world of stylish food. Food is more than just a necessity – according to Studio Cookart food should be a party!

Want to know more about this? Please visit the website.