Sabatina Leccia

Sabatina Leccia is an Artist working with various techniques such as Glass, Ceramic and Embroidery. Her aim is to create poetic, sensitive and experimental pieces.

Painting Embroidery
Sabatina worked with unwanted or useless materials that she found around her. “In our society, the waste is a big issue, that’s why I was interested on it. I transformed it with embroideries, beads…. in order to make it precious”. From her embroidery work three collections of Painting Embroidery arrised, including scarfs and cushions.

Project made in collaboration with Nicolas le Tapissier.
Co-Lab is a project which mixes tradition and modernity, Art and Craft. The aim of Sabatina the embroideress artist, and Nicolas the upholstere, is to expose their skills to something new: volume for her, random patterns for him. With their hands, they experiment; their studios become lab’s, which transform their crafts into subtle and poetic alchemies.