Playful with height

We can increasingly witness layering in rugs. A very nice development if you ask me! The combination of color tones and different textures as well as heights gives a surprising and playful effect.
ICE international launches a set of eight different carpets made by individuals from four ‘design couples’ during the DDW. Each Netherlands-based designer came up with a rug in their signature style, forming a range called Dutch Landscapes.
My favourite rug is definitely the one by Kiki van Eijk. She translated one of her watercolour paintings of red and grey lines onto the rug. Beautiful piece of art if you ask me!
Yeah Rug is inspired by the Berber and Boucherouite style, handwoven in Nepal and a strong Mae Engelgeer signature.
‘What kind of home do I want to come back to?’ This question triggered Debby Yu to create textiles that would invite people into their homes. The collection of Debby Yu, who graduated at the Design Academy, consists of three carpets and a blanket that explore a weaving technique called looping.
Which one is your favourite?