Material studies

Let these beautiful material studies inspire you!

Material Alchemy
Material Alchemy presents the most innovative, thought-provoking design approaches to materials within the 21st century. Enlisting the help of luminaries from the world of science, technology, and design to showcase new responses to material innovation and providing key insights into how materials will be utilised to shape our future environments. Exploring key topics: such as synthetic biology, how designers and scientists are designing with living matter, utilising the laboratory as a means to cultivate and grow new materials, to technological innovations, new technologies, such as how 3D printing is revolutionising the manufacturing industry.

Vaettir: The Dignity of Plants
Vættir is a poetic project that comprises of a collection of products that have been designed specifically for plants, highlighting their personalities and needs. Inspired by the Swiss Declaration of Plant Rights, which affords plants rights as living entities; the project is intended to be a playful look at the curious nature of our relationship with flora and fauna. Each piece in the collection is designed with a specific plant, or type of plant, in mind, looking at creating the perfect vessel and tools that reflect their characteristics. The resulting pieces are a handcrafted collection that seeks to engage people with plants in more meaningful ways.